Bournemouth is a very large tourist care resort located on the coast of Great Britain, located just two miners by train from London. So far the elegant Victorian era reminiscences, it is a university town with many enthusiastic young people and lots of places that are very interesting for visitors.

Visitors have the opportunity to stroll with the hot air balloon, to feed the squirrels or to enjoy a live concert in the summer.

Beach of more than 11 kilometers, but also plenty of outdoor activities, from renting bicycles to surfing or kayaking. In addition, in the piercing area it is also possible in a leading care cable to the connection with the shore, so that it is an opportunity to wake up the suspension above the sea for several tens of seconds. But most are the colorful houses on the beach, caring for them, renting them for greater comfort and an ascent of the scorching sun. Thus, clearly the biggest gray days of understanding or merry note on the beach in Bornemouth. In fact, it is a common feature of a beach in England, my care is loaded and the right bundle.

Bournemouth can also be a shopping area with steep slopes, an aquarium just for the care of those who care for children on vacation and a calendar full of events throughout the year. In other words, it is a perfect base for your trip to Dorset, because from here you can start exploring the surroundings, taking care of many spectacular places, as we will see below.

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