Poker Indonesia and other websites accepting Indonesian players and future of gambling in the country

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Poker Indonesia and other websites accepting Indonesian players and future of gambling in the country

– Poker Indonesia and other websites accepting Indonesian players and future of gambling in the country. The Sharia rules of the Muslim community restricts the citizens of Indonesia to play gambling, betting, card games or any such casino or sports betting games in the country. This has reduced the development of poker online. But the government is not capable enough to restrict foreign country websites to disallow the Indonesians to sign up and play on their websites. As a result, online gambling is continuously gaining popularity in the country.

poker online

Foreign country gambling websites in Indonesia

Although the government of Indonesia restricted land-based casinos and even online websites having a license cannot allow gambling games on their website. The restriction cannot be imposed on the websites that are run by foreign country laws. With the growing popularity of the online casino and mobile apps also, most of the reputable offshore casino and sports betting websites allow Indonesian players to make an account and play on their website. This is definitely illegal and against the strict anti-gambling rules of the country but the government has a limited restriction on these websites.

As the governing authority of these websites is not Indonesian government, so there is no evidence of the international casino site being penalized for offering services to the players of Indonesia. Apart from the international websites, there are some websites which offer their services in the Indonesian Bahasa language which accepts deposits using the IDR, which converts their payments into a more accepted currency of the world. Some of the offshore and local casino websites accept betting and bidding amount in cryptocurrency which makes it easier for the players to bypass the government restrictions as it is a decentralized currency and system.

Players can make anonymous deposits in cryptocurrency and play gambling and casino without revealing their identity. They need not take help from the services of a bank or other online payment services for these purposes. Although there is no chance of the rules being changed in Indonesia, the online gambling will surely bring a change in the country.

Future of gambling and poker Indonesia

According to the religious beliefs and rules, there are no chances of a positive change for the gambling fans in Indonesia. Since 2012 the authorities have taken severe steps to ban the online gambling websites with numerous local gambling websites getting completely shut down in the past few months. Land-based casinos are frequently raided and penalized incurring huge losses for them. However, the government has realized that internet is much harder than it seems and placing restriction over the world wide web is not so easy.

There are a number of tools that can help the gamblers to circumvent the IP blocks imposed by the authorities. The other major issue for the authorities is that the top websites globally are offering their services to the people of Indonesia. Even the licensed lottery games which were earlier allowed in the country is facing a lot of opposition and almost getting shut down in Indonesia. With these scenarios, it is hardly possible for anything to change with regards to gambling in Indonesia.

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